Climate Change Adaptation Programme

climate-change-adaptation-programme-launch-nasaru-2016Integrated programme to build resilience to climate change and adaptive capacity of vulnerable communities in Kenya, otherwise referred to as the ‘Kenya Climate Change Adaptation Programme’ is on-going with most executing entities at the stage of observing their inception workshops.

With key agenda of addressing climate change issues in Kenya, the programme cuts across the 14 Counties covering interventions on improving food production, construction and management of water harvesting structures, construction of flood control structures, reducing coastal erosion and enhancing mangrove biodiversity.

Kajiado County is one of the lucky counties to benefit from the fund by having two project sites each implemented by two different executing entities. In relation to this, NASARU Community Based Organization is implemeting the programme in the sub County of Kajiado West, Lodokilani ward. This is after the project proposal succeeded vetting stage by NEMA and awarded about 50 million Kenya shillings for implementation. Read more…